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At JTS Professional Grounds Management we strive to provide optimum landscaping maintenance services for all your professional landscaping needs. We take pride in being of service and providing the best results for our clients.

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JTS has been in business forĀ 15 years delivering the highest quality of landscaping, mulch blowing, forestry mulching, irrigation services and beyond to each client, each and every day. With a combined 50+ years of experience our team has a solution to all your grounds maintenance and lawn care needs.

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This is one of the major concerns for a property manager. If a property’s landscape is not acceptable, it reflects on you and the company associated with your complex. The quality of JTS Grounds’ work is unparalleled. Our property supervisors visit each property manager or representative on a regular basis to ensure consistent and adequate communication between managers and the company. Your concerns and questions are handled promptly and to your satisfaction the first time. We take pride in providing personalized service that complements our professional resources.

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