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A properly designed and working drainage system will help to keep your landscape healthy during the dry Virginia summer months by ensuring optimal watering. In the historic city of Fredericksburg, long-lasting reliable drainage is essential. When we get heavy rainstorms, a drainage system will remove any standing water away from your home that could cause damage to your property. JTS Grounds can design complete irrigation systems for your lawn and landscaping, including a French drainage system, or modify and add new zones to your system in order to accommodate a change in landscaping. Contact us now to learn more about the drainage process and how great of an impact it will have on your home!

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Top-Rated French Drainage Systems

French drainage system is a gravel-lined trench with an embedded pipe meant to carry water away from your home or property. As opposed to gutters that collect precipitation as water runs down the roof, French drains work by collecting water draining from the ground. If your home has a low spot on the property, rerouting the water with a French Drainage system would actively stop the puddles, and leave you with no puddle problems.

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Experts in Basement Drainage Services

Water stuck in your basement will leave your home smelling stale, create mold, and damage your property. If you have issues with a ‘wet’ basement, we can help! With a French drain, we’ll leave your basement dry by harnessing and rerouting the leaked water that enters the basement from pressure on your home’s foundation. We’ll create a drainage system that deposits the water elsewhere, so there’s you won’t have to worry about dampness in your basement. This can be done both indoors and outdoors depending on the level of water invading your basement.

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Drainage Maintenance and Repairs

We can also offer repair and maintenance services for any type or brand of irrigation system. With our maintenance services, we can ensure that your system is working at maximum efficiency. We can perform the necessary irrigation system repairs that will keep your system working properly and help to keep your lawn looking its best! Give us a call for a consultation on your drain.

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