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Save the backache! Let us deliver and install your mulch with our mulch blowing service. Our state-of-the-art, air-blown mulch and topsoil are precisely blown through a delivery hose exactly where you want it (and not where you don’t).

No heavy equipment on your lawn or hardscape areas. No wheelbarrow tracks worn across your lawn or staining your pool deck or patio. A two-man crew can complete most installations up to 20 cubic yards within hours as opposed to a crew of several “laborers” spending the day at your property.

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What is Mulch Blowing?

In short, mulch and topsoil are blown into place by air pressure in a quick clean and less expensive means than installing by hand. We use a specially engineered airlock system to propel the mulch through various lengths of durable 4-inch flexible hose, connected to a central truck. This allows a reach of up to 300 feet, making it easier to store and spread large quantities of mulch more effectively than traditional mulching. Contact us today to learn more about how mulch blowing works.

Benefits of Mulch Blowing

Freshly laid mulch can make your property’s curb-side appeal skyrocket and leave you with an improved outdoor look in your yard. Not only is it beneficial to the curb appeal, but you’re soil and plant life can also benefit. Mulch blowing is known to facilitate growth of plant life and control the spread of weeds in your lawn and plant beds. There are many reasons why homeowners opt for mulch blowing rather than traditional mulching.

Cost-Effective Mulching Option

Mulch blowing cuts the cost of the traditional mulch laying, because it does not require the loading, wheelbarrowing, and spreading mulch by hand. Multiple trips of picking up and laying heavy mulch bags are no longer in the equation, so you’ll lower labor costs and end up saving with a more polished look to your yard. Mulch blowing also uses less materials, as blowing breaks us the clumps in the mulch for a more even distribution. There’s no wheelbarrowing spills, so you’ll get a better dispersion and waste no product.


Reduces Damage to Property

Blowing can reduce the damage to your property caused by the traditional mulching method. With mulch blowing, there are no wheeling barrowing tracks left behind, no patch grass where piles of miles once lay, or miscellaneous mulch spilled throughout the yard.  Mulch blowing causes less damage to your grass, shrubs, flowers, and other areas, leaving your property with an overall clean look and great curb-side appeal.

Higher Mobility Mulching

Does your property have rough terrain, steep slopes, or just plain hard to reach areas? Unlike traditional mulching, mulch blowing is a great way to cut the difficulty, amount of time, and intensive labor required during the landscaping process. Mulch blowing only requires one person to access an area, eliminating the challenges normally faced when accessing hard to reach areas. For more information about how mulch blowing can benefit your property, contact us today.

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Most landscaping companies spread mulch traditionally, but don’t offer mulch blowing services because the specialty equipment needed to provide the service. We know the benefits of mulch blowing and have the equipment and expertise to transform your properties look with mulch blowing. Contact us today to set up a consultation and learn more about our affordable mulch blowing rates.

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Learn More About Mulch Blowing:

Why blow mulch instead of spreading it by hand?

Blowing the ground cover is a faster, more efficient, and more precise delivery system. We achieve a more uniform and even application, and there is very little waste. There are no unsightly piles to manually move from one location to another, and it is fast and efficient, which saves you time and money. It also makes it very easy to get to remote areas, and it doesn’t leave tire tracks in the yard that will require repair. It saves you time, money, effort, and you can create a better, cleaner landscape design.

What products and material can be blown in, and how far can the material be installed away from truck access?

We can apply soils, mulches, and composts very effectively. We can also apply top soil and gravel up to ¾ of an inch. The trucks are equipped with hoses up to 200 feet and additional hose is available at a fee. Our maximum hose length is 500 feet, which allows us to get over walls, fences, and other obstacles with ease.

Does mulch blowing do any damage to my existing landscape plants?

We make every attempt to protect existing plants and landscaping. Our highly trained technicians will assess every job and proceed with caution. If there are any existing plants in a position where damage is unavoidable, we will discuss this with you to determine the best way to handle it.

How dirty or loud is this mulch blowing process?

Since our products include mulch, topsoil and compost, there is an unavoidable element of dust and mess. However, we make every attempt to reduce this. Our trucks are equipped with a dust suppression system, and we carry portable blowers and brooms to clean up after delivery.

Can you reach remote parts of my property (up or down hills, over walls, inside courtyards etc)?

Remote areas pose no problem for us. Our trucks are equipped with 300 feet of hose in 30 foot lengths, which carry easily. We often move our truck to a more strategic location and re-pull hoses as necessary.

What do I have to do to be ready for Friendly Tree’s mulch blowing service?

For the most efficient delivery, it’s best for your flowerbeds to be relatively clean and edged. All animal deposits need to be removed prior to arrival, and your seasonal planting should be completed.

 At what thickness can the mulch or other products and materials be blown into my VA Landscape?

We can apply from 1/4 of an inch to 5 inches thick or more, depending on job needs.

When can this type of Mulch blowing and top soil blowing service be scheduled?

Contact us to schedule one of our mulch installation crews.

What does mulch blowing service cost?

Generally the cost is $45 per yard for the installation plus the cost of the mulch or compost, topsoil etc. If the area of application is over 200 feet from the truck, there is a $175 fee for 100 feet of additional hose per 20 cubic yards loaded. Call for bulk pricing and discounts.